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Learning to "Fly" Paraglide

BASIRAIR is a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot certified by the DHV (German Paragliding Association) and FAI (International Federation of Aerodynamics). He has spent the last 4 European summers teaching at Papillon Paragliding headquartered on top of the Wasserkuppa, a mountain within the German state of Hessen. At 950 Meters, it is the highest peak of the Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Paragliding novices initiate the first week of the 2 week paragliding certification course here at Papillon Paragliding’s Wasserkuppa facility. The second week of the paragliding certification course takes place at Papillon Paragliding’s Südtirol facility. Here among the dolomites the students can complete the 350m+ height paragliding flights required for certification. Weather conditions allowing, you will gear up and set off into the air on your very first day. Manageable short and low flights, which will give you a taste of all the joy that is to come. In this video footage I was 3 days along the first week of training at the Wasserkuppa.

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