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Quixada, Brazil - The Bulletproof State of High Performance

Every Spring the top paragliding pilots from around the world flock to Quixada, Brazil for the opportunity to try to set a new cross-country world record. Paragliding pilots expose themselves to treacherous starts with wind conditions above 30+km/hr. Quixada is dry and very hot but the pilots are subjected to both the extreme temperatures on the ground and the freezing temperatures at 3000+ meters up in the air and everything in-between. The days are long and if you are lucky with over 5+ hours of continuous intense airtime. Often time landing in fields far away from any access to food or water so careful preparation is essential. Depending on how far the pilots get or where they land could mean hours of waiting into the night before the rescue team can reach them. Its the ultimate adventure but only if you're prepared and physically ready for the back to back intense days of paragliding. During flight the paragliding pilots are exposed to wind, turbulence and non-stop scorching sun rays. This is all extremely mentally & physically exhausting and yet its crucial to maintain your mind, body and energy up at optimun levels day after day. With Quixada, Brazil 2016 paragliding season just around the corner we have stocked up on Bulletproof Products for the ultimate performance edge. For more information on how to increase your performance, focus and wellness book a coaching session with me here.

Checkout our favourite Bulletproof products:

MTC Oil - Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar & supports cognitive performance

Glutathione - Master antioxidant supporting optimal cellular function

Vanilla Max Collagen Bars - Real ingredients that keep you full and focused for hours

Upgraded Collagen Protein - Increases energy & speeds recovery

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