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"Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly!" Anonymous  

Experience the freedom of flying in the hands of a seasoned tandem paragliding pilot all while enjoying some of the best views that Brazil has to offer! Tandem Paragliding Flights can be booked for individuals or Groups at these locations:


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Pedra Bonita, Sao Conrado - This is an extraordinary paragliding flight with remarkable views of Pedra de Gávea, Pedra Bonita, Two Brothers (Pedra dos Dois Irmãos), Tijuca National Park (Parque National de Tijuca), Morro da Bandeira, Pedra Aguda, Rocinha (Rio's largest Favela) and São Conrado Beach.  Depending on the clarity and visibility of the day, you will also be able to see the statue of Christ (Cristo Redentor Corcovado) and Pão de Azucar at a distance.  A privileged view of all the scenic and iconic sights of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Tandem Paragliding flights can be booked from 7:30 AM with the last flight at 7PM.  The meeting point is São Conrado Beach.


Parque Da Cidade, Niteroi - This is the second most popular tandem paragliding flight and perhaps Rio de Janeiro's best kept secret.  From Parque the Cidade you will capture all the key and scenic sights of Rio de Janeiro from the other side of the bay.  An angle of the city most never get a chance to see and perhaps one of the most spectacular.  A sunset Tandem Paragliding Flight is highly recomemended.  Parque Da Cidade, Niterói is approximately a one hour drive from the Southern parts of Rio de Janeiro. The meeting point will be agreed upon when the flight is scheduled.


Sampaio Corrêa, Saquarema - This is the ultimate Tandem Paragliding adventure experience.  The location is 2 hours away from the southern parts of Rio de Janeiro into the interior.  Upon arrival to the local paragliding meeting point, we will park and ride transported by 4x4 pick-up trucks up the mountain for 20 minutes to the starting field.  From there you will start the adventure in search of thermals, which will rise you to 2000+ meters above sea level.  Weather permitting you will travel 10 to 15 kilometers from the mountains and land on Saquarema Beach (Praia de Saquarema).   This beautiful beach once known, as Brazil's surfing capital is also host to Igreja Nossa Senhora de Nazareth perched on a hill overlooking the beach.  The tandem paragliding flight can last up to 2+ hours catering to those who enjoy being Up In The Air for extended periods of time.  This tandem paragliding adventure has an early start at 7AM and will keep you away until about 6PM.  






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